Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project Day 3

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project – Day 3

We are (hopefully) continually learning and making mistakes are how humans learn. I am grateful for the mistakes I have made because they are lessons personal and specific to me, my experiences and my personality. Being kind to ourselves when it happens though, is key to enjoying the process of learning new or refreshing skills.

There are people enough in life to piss me off. I don’t need to be one to MYSELF!

I think we are taught to hide mistakes. That, somehow, making a mistake is a failure and becomes something we are embarrassed of, critical of and try to hide. I don’t think perfection is very interesting and it’s just not real life. Shit happens. This is how we learn. Being humble enough to admit mistakes a disciplined enough to correct them are part of what makes a good tradesman.

Right? Right! Integrity.

I know I’m hard on myself – part of me is proud I hold myself to high standards, and it has served me well, but I need to learn to do it with kindness. Most specifically the language I use and the way I talk to myself. Instead of the usual

“You fuckeded up. You’r so stupid”

I can shift it to “I’m glad I caught it. I know how to and I can fix it easily” Being kind to ourselves can take work. Talking more kindly to myself is going to take practice but I can already see how it changes the ‘fix’ I have to make from a punishment to a simple correction – and then I can enjoy that time too.

My last post I decided to just weld the underside of the trailer all overhead, so now I can come back to another mistake I made. The rear piece of angle on the trailer is ‘backward’.

I have this:

Plans ask for this:

Trailer Build weld project

So, shit.

The fix

Step 1 – Transfer my marks.

Step 2 – Tack another piece of angle across the 2″x 3″ frame members to keep them square and in place BEFORE I cut the angle free.

Step 3 – Remove and reposition the rear angle. This is the action part. Can’t selfie and cut at the same time #sorrynopic I’ll have to work on that…

Step 4 -Make sure it is all square again. The angle is sitting in the correct position as I take my time to measure and remeasure the whole frame is square and level. I make sure the frame rails are right on my marks with only gentle pressure from the bar clamp. Measure for square. Tack. Remeasure for square. Obsessive? Possibly. Thorough? Yes.

Would anyone else have shared their mistakes?

We all make them. The next time it happens, lets take a second to listen to ourselves, that running commentary in our heads. Is it kind? Is it true? I am not stupid. There’s actually lots of evidence contrary. That story my ego tells me when I’ve messed up is just fear of being judged. My fear can’t survive if I call it out with kindness. I’m told that gets easier with practice…

For example: MASSIVE courage to completely put myself ‘out there’ vulnerably photographing and writing about this mistake.

Today I need to remember:

Be good to the future you! Set yourself up. Create ease especially in the place you WANT to be.

Be kind with your words to yourself! – or even just notice the negative and try to reframe.


Always tack in locations you can easily get to with a grinder!!

Stay awesome,


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