10 Reasons the DIY-er needs a Flux Core Welder

YOU need a welder!

Do you? YES! Just incase you don’t yet agree here are my 10 reasons why the DIY-er needs a Flux Core welder.

You need a welder. Let’s get right into it,

Reason #1-

Because you are ready!

You feel very confident with your DIY woodworking skills. You’ve invested in a miter saw. You’ve built a coffee table, two outdoor lanterns, that gorgeous console table in your entryway and even the powder room vanity WITH drawer slides. These projects have more than realized the cost and your pumped about it! The apprehension, maybe even fear, you felt starting out is gone now and your ready to apply that lesson to another area of your life. You know you can take on any wood project but you keep looking over at those pictures of beautiful metal pieces… You’ll need a welder for that.

Reason #2 –

Its actually less expensive than you think!

On sale at Canadian Tire, my little Mastercraft wire feed welder was less than $200 CDN (much less for you Americans – luckeeeyy!) It even comes with 2 rolls of wire (1 flux core and 1 solid wire), a wire brush, gas tube (incase you decide later to try that out), a cheesie handheld ‘helmet’ and an instruction booklet. In short EVERYTHING you’d need to weld something the same day as purchase. With a handle right on top and only 50 lbs its easily moved anywhere in your workspace. You guys, thats not too heavy. This is why we work out!

Reason #3-

Level up your bad-assery!

How do we level up? New skills! How do we get new skills? By stepping out of our comfort zones. Now, I’m not saying we dive right into some underwater welding (pun intended) BUT a baby step into a whole new world is still a step. The incredible thing about welding is that time spent developing those skills can be SUCH an outlet for creativity. Maybe you are into metal art  or maybe this is the gateway to a course or even certification, whatever, If you’ve ever thought “hey, maybe that would be cool to try one day” then this is for YOU! You’ll need a welder for that.

Reason #4-

No shielding gas needed!

When you think of welding, some sort of gas bottle setup probably comes to mind. Shielding gas is not essential to wire weld. The flux inside the wire (hence ‘flux core’) does the job of shielding the molten metal from the surrounding atmosphere. This shielding is usually assisted or done by gas. The option to use gas is certainly encouraged but also not necessary to achieve a decent weld. You’ll need a welder for that.

If and when you want to add a shielding gas to your set up, it will be a great next baby step!

Reason #5 –

No special power requirements.

The machine plugs right into a normal 120 volt outlet – the kind you already have – AND you can even use it at the end of an extension cord. None of this 3 phase industrial sized power requirements. No huge, heavy, expensive generator style machine. Easy.

Reason #6 –

Its a tool that can appeal to different hobbies.

Hmm, how do I say this without putting my foot in my mouth? …Lets just go ahead and generalize – He would be just as happy with a welder as She is. A little flux core welder can just as easily make a decorative frame or a piece of furniture as repair an exhaust or utility trailer. Whomever you and your spouse, family or roommates etc. are, everyone is happy. You’ll need a welder for that.

Reason #7 –

Because you get to wear a welding helmet and a beanie/head scarf.

Do I really need to explain this further? Channeling either Jesse James or Rosie the Riveter – whichever or both if you like. Slick your hair back, bring out your best red lipstick and look like the bad-ass you are! You’ll need a welder for that.

Reason #8 –

The ease of wire feed with the characteristics of stick.

A flux core (FCAW) weld closely matches the charectoristics of a ‘stick’ (SMAW) weld with an easy trigger stop and start. SMAW (stick) welding requires quite a bit of technique and finesse. A wire feed machine is much more forgiving. Yes, there is still technique to learn but not nearly as much. The instruction booklet included with the machine will explain and if its still unclear, well, you know where to go for tutorials. The two best sites – (in no order) Miller and Lincoln Electric. You’ll need a welder for that.

Reason #9 –

Repurposing another material.

The writing is on the wall we HAVE to pay attention to our environment. Reusing IS a form of recycling. Transporting, re-processing and re-forming any material is not as efficient as repurposing that material with some easily learnt skills. Don’t let rust put you off! Just like you would research different types of wood, research to identify types and weldability of used metal is essential. If recycled art is your ‘thing’, this may require some attention. If you choose to buy new steel, no worries. I have PLANS for pieces made with steel available at Canadian Tire or your friendly local steel supplier. You’ll need a welder.

Reason #10 –

Because I have FREE plans!

You know all those beautiful metal tables you’ve been drooling over? I want to make it even easier for you to start, practice and perfect your new welding skills. I want you to be able to jump right in not scroll forever through pictures wondering what the heck your going to make. If you have a clear plan of what to build, then you can focus on learning HOW to make that piece come together. You’ll need a welder for that.

Sound good? Check out my FREE PLANS HERE!

Whether you think it’s BELOW OR BEYOND your skill level check back. I’m SURE you will find something helpful.

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