Farmhouse Style Bottle Dryer

Farmhouse Style Bottle Dryer


Farmhouse Style Bottle Dryer FREE and EASY welding plans!

This is such an easy project it almost doesn’t need plans but for the beginner it’s perfect.

These FREE plans help you flex your fabricating skills and, with some very easy welding – to be honest tacking – you don’t have to hunt through antique markets or farm estate sales to get the same piece.

With Zero Waste living really taking off and farmhouse style decor everywhere, you are going to need a bottle dryer for all your glass jars and resealable glass bottles. Glass is so gorgeous! How did we ever get into this plastic ‘throw away’ culture? While at my last yoga session I was astonished at how gorgeous my instructors resealable glass water bottle looked placed just in front of her yoga mat. Ready.

Maybe it was my mood, but if it had been just some plastic bottle there’s no way it would have been such an inviting vignette. How DID we get to this plastic culture? Glass is amazing. Even while drying glass looks great.

What’s a welder to do? MAKE SOMETHING OF COURSE!

HELLO Bottle Dryer!

The mild steel material is all available at Canadian Tire for $93.89 (incase you don’t have any to re-use) I used solid wire and Mig mix shielding gas in my Mastercraft wire feed welder.

Please read through the plans and remember to ‘always protect yourself all ways’ before starting!

CAUTION– If using galvanized nails – wear a respirator!

Material List:

2 pieces – 3/4″ x 4′ square tubing

2 pieces – 3/4″ x 3′ square tubing

3 pieces – 1/8″ x 1″ x 3′ flat sheet steel strips

12 – 6″ nails

2 – 1/2″ washers

Cut List:

2 – 3/4″ square tubing @ 36″ – 45* opposing

2 – 3/4″ square tubing @ 24″ – 45* opposing

3 – 1/8″ x 1″ flat bar (sheet strips) @ 22 1/2″

12 – 6″ nails – bent at 4″ (from head) and tip cut off at start of taper


Step 1 – Tack the inside corners of the rectangle formed by the 45 degree cut frame pieces.

Step 2- Check for square by matching diagonal measurements. Gently push the ‘longer’ measured corners toward each other and check both diagonals again. Adjust as necessary until they are = or within 1/16″.

Step 3 – Tack the 4 outside top corners around to maintain square. Tack the inside bottom corners around. And then the outside bottom corners around. Distortion from heat shouldn’t be a concern but welding in sequences is just good practice.

Step 4 – Layout and mark both 3′ frame sides as shown. This helps keep things square and is also a good practice. Place 2 tacks either end of each 1″ strip.

Step 5 – Layout the placement of the nail hangers.

Step 6-Mark nails at 4″ down the shaft from (including) the nail head. I bent mine at a 60 degree angle. Cut or grind off the nail tip where the taper begins.

TIP: If using a bench vice, like I did, to bend your nails, always strike toward the stationary jaw.

Step 7 – Using a magnetic square, hold each nail in place for hands free tacking. I lined up the short end of the nail with the front red edge of the magnet to constrain the nail vertically front and back and also side to side. Centre nail on your marks on the 1″ strips. The pictures with the green arcs below illustrates constraining the nail. It just ensures uniform and easy placement.

The magnet keeps the nail 90 degrees side to side and also 90 degrees front to back.


Step 8 – Add 1/2″ washers in both top corners for mounting. I mounted my bottle dryer onto a plywood wall covered in shiplap, so ensuring I mounted to a stud was not an issue. If you plan to mount onto a drywall wall, locate studs and weld your mounting washers in place to line up with studs.

Step 9 – Remove any spatter with a chisel or grinder. Paint or clear coat all surfaces.

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