Banding and Corrugated Metal Star Decor


If rusty old garden tools are the metal equivalent of barn wood….

…then banding is the metal equivalent of pallets.

DIY Banding and Corrugated Metal Star Decor

Banding is so great. I’ve been a little obsessed with it for years now. Once you see how easy it is to work with you will find awesome uses for it everywhere!  It comes in a few different widths. For my banding and corrugated metal star decor, I used 1 1/4″ for my star. It is thin enough (20 GA (gauge) = .035″) to cut with hand shears and it is usually FREE!!!

Like pallets, it is used for shipping. Banding usually holds heavy or odd shaped items onto the pallet. This is also a waste product. Many lumber, shipping or industrial yards will have a garbage bin FULL of the stuff right alongside their waste pallet pile.

How to Ask:

It does take a bit of courage. Just be honest. “I have a project I would like to try. I’m just starting out welding. Would I be able to take a few pieces of your scrap banding?” and just take what you need. Unless they are happy to have you take the whole thing – after all it saves them from having to dispose of it or pay someone else to – In which case, take the whole thing!! Trust me you’ll find uses for it!

Remember that whomever you ask is at work and while serving the customer is probably in their job description, chatting to you and helping you pick out pieces may not be. Bring gloves and respect their time.

Some may simply say ‘no’ – and thats totally okay. There is lots around.

My corrugated metal came from my dad. (Thanks dad for not judging me too harshly when I (always) say I want your scraps.) I love to repurpose where I can.

A little Industrial. A little Farmhouse. All awesome!

Banding and Corrugated Metal Star Decor Instructions

When welding galvanized material MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A RESPIRATOR! Please. Zinc poisoning causes severe flu- like symptoms in the short term with long term respiratory consequences. I use a 3M respirator with the pink ‘pancake’ style filters at home.

Banding Star


Stanley Snips

I use my Stanley hand snips to cut banding. I’ve had these for years now, they are super handy. They are Left Curve Aviation Snips annnd yes, mine are painted pink. The first weld shop I worked at that was my ‘colour’. We all painted our tools for easy identification. It worked. Pink is not usually my first choice but (surprise, surprise) it wasn’t a colour being used yet. Hell, they didn’t even have a separate bathroom for me!! #weldergirllife

Measurements for Star Layout

My star is 3′ (36″) point to point. But the 36 degree angle at each point will be the same for any size star you choose since 36 degrees X 5 points = 180 degrees

Step 1-

I used an angle grinder with a zip cut blade to cut out my star. I wore a respirator because I just didn’t want to inhale the zinc coating or metal particles. File off any burrs.

Step 2-

So now you will need to cut 10 pieces of your banding at 13 5/8″ – I know the drawing says 13 3/4″ just to give yourself some room. This is real life. Things are NEVER exactly as the drawing says. #weloveengineers

I use hand shears. But you could also use an angle grinder and zip disc.

Step 3-

Lay your corrugated metal star (expertly drawn and cut out) on a level surface. if you have a metal welding table LUCKY YOU! or a cement decently flat garage floor works just as well. I did not use a spacer at all, but if you want to get your banding absolutely centred on the corrugated ripples, now is the time to measure and put a lil’ spacer under.

Step 4-

Even if your banding isn’t perfectly straight, the thin gauge will allow you to move it in snug to the galvanized metal star. Tack at one end leaving yourself room for another piece of banding in the corner and tack your way along. I tacked every top point of each ripple. Continue with each 13 5/8″ banding strip around star making sure the banding edges meet up flush.

Banding Star Tack Welds


Banding Star Decor

Hang Your Star-

I hooked the star onto a nail at the point where the banding comes to a point but a washer tacked at a bit of an angle wherever you need works great too.


Have fun and stay awesome,


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