Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project – Day 7


Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project - Day 7


Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project – Day 7

I’ve been disciplined and worked through the steps and got all my material cut, cleaned up and ready. I’ve set myself up and today I GET TO have fun putting the trailer tongue pieces together!

I have 3 blissful hours to cope and assemble the trailer tongue. The part that makes it tilt!

I really enjoy Fabricating. Sounds weird, hey, since it’s no secret I strongly dislike math. (Hate is just too strong a word.) But I just wish it wouldn’t kick my ass as regularly as it does! When I can see a specific REASON (the making of something awesome that functions) I enjoy the puzzle of figuring out the math. It’s not just endless solving for ‘x’ for no dang reason. Getting my triangle tongue pieces squared is a pretty big reason to math it up.

Here we go:

To cope my 3″ x 3″ square tubing around the main pipe pivot, I used an off cut of the same size pipe I’m coping to. If that wasn’t clear I drew a picture.

Emery cloth pipe wrap.

A great tip I picked up from another Journeyman Welder I’ve worked with is using a piece of emery cloth as a small diameter pipe wrap. There are several ways to layout a line squarely around a piece of pipe, but for a quick solution to small diameter pipe, ie: handrail, a 12″ piece of emery cloth in your tool box is so handy!

This quick video tutorial is really clear and his accent is awesome!

Proper Use of a Wrap-Around

The technique is the same mine is just much smaller! But the bonus is it’s much less expensive and you probably already have some in your shop!

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project - Day 7

In that picture you can also see the 3″ x 3″ square tubing with its cope ready to be fit on my centre mark.

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project - Day 7

Here is the tongue section all coped and tacked together. It took me a while being picky measuring and remeasuring using the magic 3-4-5 square ratio to make sure the square tubing is exactly perpendicular to the pipe pivot. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN TO WELD! I can’t wait.

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project - Day 7


Im feeling today like:

“WOW. Day 7!?! This build is taking way too long!”

And I talk it out later with hubs… Of course he thinks this is going awesome! I’m doing the hard part of getting a new trailer, he just has to play with his son for a few hours. It’s a win for him for sure!

But he also reminded me that while it may be Day 7, I’m not working 12 hour days and I am still estimating ‘days worked’ based on those hours.

He’s right.

If this was day 7 on 12 hour days… Frankly, I’d be fired. But in hours I’m at about 30. I have to ease WAY up on myself. I am doing this build and learning how to be a new mom. And let me tell you


I’m also the source of sustenance for that tiny human. Did you know that uses about 2000 calories EXTRA per day!?! He is literally sucking the life out of me… according to my treadmill that’s the equivalent of me running 16 miles a day!

Ease up on yourself. You are doing an incredible job!

Stay Awesome,


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