5″ Grinder Disc Holder

5" Grinder Disc Holder

5″ Grinder Disc Holder

Inspiration can come from strange thought connections – this little project is from one of those strange connections.

A simple design for packing grinding discs with you! Instead of having them bounce around in your truck or all over your job box. I’ve seen some guys use 8″ long 3/4″ bolts and a nut to carry discs to their work area. The bolt works fine, I just wondered if another just as simple design could work. This idea also gives you a handle AND a loop to hang the whole thing!

You may recognize the design from much smaller scale on fishing tackle but I know it from a knitting stitch holder. Yup. I knit.  I think because it is exactly opposite of welding I sometimes crave the softness of working with yarn. Knitting keeps my hands strong AND dexterous. Very important to a welder.

No actual welder is needed for this project. Just a Oxygen/Fuel torch setup. You could also use a forge. – Please be careful.

Holder for 5" Grinding Discs

Always remember to protect yourself, all ways.



3′ – 3/8″ round bar

Protective equipment: gloves, boots, safety glasses, etc.

Oxygen/Fuel torch and bottle set up


Vise grips

Bessy clamp

3″ – scrap piece of pipe

6″ – scrap piece of any size angle, square tubing or key stock


1-Set up your jig.

5" Grinder Disc Holder


2-Mark out 13″ from one end. This is the mark for where the main bend will start.

3-Heat your bar until cherry red hot and pliable.

4-Using the length of the rest of the material and a few hammer taps, ease the bar around the 3″ pipe keeping it on the table surface, until the straight sections are parallel.

5-When cool, mark out 11″ from the end of the main bend. This is where the tight 90 degree bend will be. Heat to cherry red hot and ease 90 degrees over top of the 13″ original straight section.

6-Let cool again.

7-Get your vise grips adjusted snugly to the size of the bar. Move the piece to an area or the edge of the table where making the wrap around bend will not be inhibited. Clamp or tack in place.

8-Start heating the section of the crossed over bar at the point where it crosses. Grab firmly with the vise grips and ease around the bottom bar. Don’t make this too tight. About  1/2″ diameter allows a bit of room.

9-When completely cool, try out your holder by holding vertical and squeezing. Mark a comfortable extent on the tight radius ‘hook’ long enough to catch but short enough to easily use.

10- Using a zip cut disc and angle grinder or the oxygen/fuel torch, trim the catch at your mark. Tweak the offset tension if needed and load it up with new grinding discs.


NOTE: The 13″ and 11″ lengths are needed for leverage to operate. The 3″ bend diameter is needed to accommodate 5″ grinding discs. All other dimensions are approximate.


5" Grinder Disc Holder

5" Grinder Disc Holder


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