Metal Leg Console Table – FREE welding plans!

One great feature of our house is the large front entryway. With winters as long and cold as they can be here, having a large room to take off and store bulky winter gear is so important. In reality it’s almost a Boot Room.

A large room needs some large furniture to hold it’s own in terms of scale. This is a large table! It’s got plenty of room to drop keys, mail and dog leash and lots of depth to lean pictures or artwork to create a Pinterest worthy vignette. It’s even got lots of room underneath to organize baskets of shoes or winter gear.

Metal Leg Console Table – FREE welding plans!


Metal Leg Console Table - FREE welding plans!
Finished Dimensions

My table has an amazing live edge slab top. I love this thing! These pieces are easy to find online or, if you are so lucky, have someone cut one for you!

I’ve included options for slightly less material by removing one long bottom length. This can save on cost and also provide easier storage for sliding baskets underneath.

Drill oversize/oval holes for attaching your wood top

Even when dry, wood shrinks and swells. The cell based organic material moves with humidity levels. Have you experienced this? I have. I love the look of wood – especially reclaimed wood – and have challenged myself to dive into DIY wood furniture with the help of the amazingly talented Ana White. If you don’t know who this person is yet, check out her site! I guarantee there is something there for you!

So it’s incredibly important when attaching a gorgeous wood top to your new bad-ass metal legs to allow the wood to move just that little bit with the seasons. Make sure to drill oversized holes in the metal! I promise you won’t notice. These comparatively rigid steel legs will eventually tear that wood apart. Just kidding. Well, not really. Just the screw holes by holding it too rigidly. And I want you to enjoy this table for years and years!

Materials List:

2″ x 3/16″ FB – 24″

1″ x 2″ x 3/32″ HSS – Option 1 – As pictured. 3 – 8′ lengths plus 2 – 6′ lengths + cut widths

                                           Option 2 – One long bottom length. (Not pictured) 4 – 8′ lengths + cut widths

Cut List:

4 – legs @ 34″ at longest point cut 45 degrees

2 – top lengths @ 62″ point to point cut 45 degrees opposing

4 – short sections @ 12″ square cut

2 (1) – lower lengths @ 60″ square cut (Option 2)


Step 1 – Work through cut list and prep pieces removing burrs and taking off rust and/or mill scale at each weld site.

Step 2 – Lay out one side (front/ back) with long sections on a level surface. If you don’t have a level floor, use shims until the pieces are level and square. Tack on inside corners and square up by matching diagonal measurements.


Step 3 – Repeat lay out of other side using the long sections. Tack on inside corners and square up again by matching diagonal measurements.

Step 4 – Tack 4 short sections onto inside of one set of side legs at 90 degrees square.

Step 5 – Place top attachment flat bar on measurements as shown.

Step 6 – Weld joints alternating sides and top to bottom over entire piece.



Legs done! Now just some clean up…

Step 7 – Remove any spatter and, if necessary, clean up and even out welds.

Step 8 – Paint 2 – 3 even coats of Rust-Oleum Spray for metal surfaces.

Metal Leg Console Table – FREE welding plans!

Step 9 – Attach top and adhesive felt pads on feet.


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