Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project – Day 9

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project - Day 9

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build welding project – Day 9

Continue weld out of frame – A good day. A really good day!

The most fun sections I am welding today are the copes of the 3″ x 3″ angle onto the pipe. To do this I have to move and use technique on those tight curves. Fun. And I’m really feeling like I’m back in myself!

These welds are bringing back muscle memory and a tip I’d love to share…

Start a more difficult weld outside your comfort zone.


Yeah. Move into a position during the weld that is closer to the body, more stable and more comfortable and then move just out of that easy zone again before finishing the weld. This creates less time in super awkward positions praying your weld looks good, your rod will last while you’r shaking from over extension and maybe even losing sight of your puddle.

To find that sweet spot of comfort, I will do a ‘dry run’ through the weld movement without striking an arc. Then I can readjust my body position to make the (slightly) more awkward part at the beginning and more comfortable at the end or middle.

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer welding project – Day 8, I forgot this tip. “Welder Comfort” We are taught in trades school – I’m not even joking. We are taught this – as something to always, always be worried about. Consistent, clean welds come from comfortable welders!

….man, I hope some foremen read that!!

Today I’m “filling my own cup” But what does that mean exactly??

It means making sure I take time to do the things I love and make me feel awesome to be able to be more focused and awesome for my son. I can not give my best to my son if I am not fulfilled myself. Staying with this better feeling of my creative time is good now but will also feel great again later when it helps me be a better, rad mom!

Isn’t that amazing!? I think most people undervalue their creative time. It sure is the first (okay, second. Right after exercise) thing I cut from my busy schedule. Who knew that garage time was so vitally therapeutic??

Before welding, the tongue is clamped and levelled on the only thing I know is level and rigid – the frame itself.

Before I actually started welding, I clamped the tongue and levelled it on the only thing in the garage I know IS level and rigid – the trailer frame itself. I spent quite a lot of time being picky with getting the frame square and level, so I’m using that good work again for the tongue section.

Trailer tongue Clamped - Top Side
Tongue flipped over and clamped again.

Me welding the underside of the tongue after flipping. This is the part that’s not too exciting to read about but it’s the MOST fun part for the welder. This is my happy place!

“When the helmet drops, the bullshit stops”

Earplugs in. Respirator. Helmet. Music. Tacked and clamped nicely, all I have to do is settle in for some welding.


Settle in, get comfortable and fill your own cup!

Let the sparks fly,


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