Welding Beanie Sewing Pattern

A good welding beanie sewing pattern aligns with my promise of something for the Pro or beginner Welder.

Like everyone else, I wait way too long before even thinking it’s time I find a new beanie. They take time to break in and are hard to replace. But when you cringe looking inside as you put it on and it even feels slightly damp once it’s on… it’s time for a new one. I knew the beanie waiting for me in my work locker was gross and I just couldn’t stomach another day with it on my head.

So last night, before a work set when I should be sleeping, I stayed up and made myself a new one. Why did I wait so long to try making my own? It was easy to figure out. This pattern looked like the same shapes as the beanies I usually wear and I was desperate for a slightly better ‘Monday morning’.

If you had the best beanie pattern would you try sewing your own? 

Most people have access to a sewing machine. If you had a beanie pattern would you give it a shot??

I’ve finally found T.H.E. pattern and had to share. But what if I told you

Sewing helps you weld!!

Whaaatt!? Check out my post on How to Cross Train for Welding.

Yes! What is cross training for welding? How do you practice without an arc?? How do you get those amazing GTAW welds on WeldPorn.com?? – Okay, I actually do know that one… natural talent + good mentors + more hours than you’ve even been alive so far practicing… but for everyone else – sew!

Think about it. 

Challenging and expanding your brain, learning a new skill that strangely parallels GTAW (or TIG) welding. You are moving a machine and material with both hands while simultaneously controlling that machine with foot pressure. I know, right? Mind blown!

Pattern credit: Seamingly Simple.

Measure your head with a flexible sewing tape measure. Print the size you need and double check by measuring the sizing scale on the printed pattern. It’s a little bit genius. On a Mac I sized by hitting print – click the circle beside scale – type the % wanted in the box. See the genius yet? She’s good!

  • 8.6 cm (86%) for 21″ head
  • 8.9 cm (89%) for 22″ head
  • 9.3 cm (93%) for 23″ head
  • 9.6 cm (96%) for 24″ head
  • 10.0 cm (100%) for 25″ head

Welding Beanie Sewing Pattern

Pattern for a reversible welding hat from Seamingly Simple

There are written directions below for this pattern. Briefly, you make 2 hats and 1 bill, sew them together inside out with the bill in between then turn the whole thing right side out through a little gap you didn’t sew up and finally sew up that little gap.

The 6 triangular pieces create the rounded ‘head’ shape and the 2″ band (see note on pattern) around the bottom creates the depth and is totally customizable. This is a nice deep, ear covering beanie pattern.

Picture of written text document notes and step by step instructions.
Instructions for Seamingly Simple’s welding hat

Still not sure?

My sewing skills are mediocre at best, so I know anyone can do this. High school was my sewing peak. I graduated with honors in sewing. True story. I love making shit things, but ‘mediocre’ does best describe my sewing skills these days.

Make sure to read the tutorial above explaining exactly how to construct this beanie. Which pieces go together and where to sew. Another good written tutorial is at Welcome Home Farm.

Although he is not using this same pattern, Empire Souths’ You Tube tutorial is great because he’s so through – he even explains and shows how to iron seams!

Welding beanies are an awesome side hustle idea!

If you’re cutting out 1 set of pieces, you might as well cut out 2 sets and just get good. If you know one welder, then you actually know many. For reasonably priced well made beanies most welders are happy to support a local maker.

Stay comfortable,



Below in the comments Alexa asked about flame resistant material. These are the tags from my flame resistant coveralls. Alsco has a website with a shop, but it looks like they sell flame resistant clothing. NOT fabric. The Ultra Soft Indura is from Westex by Miliken and it looks like they do sell fire resistant fabric!!! – Cheers.

Alsco flame resistant coverall material.
Ultra Soft Indura from Westex by Miliken.

8 Replies to “Welding Beanie Sewing Pattern”

  1. I have been really trying find a pattern for a welders cap and finally I found it… on here! My only question I have is what fabric did you use and if it was flame resistant where did you get the fabric?

    1. Hi Alexa! So stoked you like it!

      Great question. I have been thinking about flame resistant material too. My family is into amateur car racing and the safety suits they wear are flame resistant – I want to try some used fabric. The coveralls I wear at work have some sort of flame resistant coating – I will look into that. Firefighters might also be a good source of flame resistant material…?

      I used plain old cotton for my beanies. I like the breathability, price and ability to preshrink.
      Are you making them for yourself or someone else? I would love to see them!
      Cheers, Lisa

      1. I work with fire retardant fabric (pretty much westex coveralls) and the only issue you might have with fire retardant fabric is after washes the coating used to make it fire retardant eventually washes out unless you plan on dry cleaning them. (I embroider Fr coveralls and such and the company I work for has a dry cleaning side as well)

  2. I started making these for my husband. He’s not a welder but likes them under his hard hat. He’s actually been selling some to other guys he works with. Some welders, some not. I’ve just been using 100% cotton. It’s nice to bring in a few bucks on the side as a stay at home mom.

    1. Rachel, Thank you for the comment. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you/they like it.

    1. Thank you. Glad you liked it.

  3. Insanely comprehensive 🙂

    Thank you so much,
    Now I have something to read during the holidays. This will take a while but well worth it like always
    You can read another one here Besttoolsbrand

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