Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build – Day 12

Sketchup drawing of trailer frame section completed.


Sketchup drawing of trailer frame section completed.

I’m pretty pumped today that all the welding is done. My next work day will be attaching the tongue. That will be exciting too; making the mechanism WORK that will actually make this a Tilt Trailer. I panicked for a minute okay, half an hour, because HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO LIFT THE TONGUE UP INTO PLACE?!? And I spiralled into “I’m such an idiot to think I could do this whole project without lifting or flipping it.” … Wait. Jacks. I’ll just use floor jacks and press it up into place.

Tongue section mocked up on jacks and in place.

Are you a welder/fabricator wanting to take on a trailer build? Or a mom seeking inspiration for whatever lights you up? You came to the right place! Either way you’ll learn it IS possible to build a trailer or anything you want in the limited time and space you currently have by taking small steps and not losing focus.

Follow my build from the beginning:

Now that you are caught up on the progress of this build, I made another mistake and I re-calculated the expense list I shared in my first post. My husband and I were SO excited to be on a shopping spree at Princess Auto that we missed a crucial detail….

We bought doubles of things we didn’t need to!

Receipt with highlighted extra parts

In that receipt picture you can see the two items we bought two of. The leaf spring Hanger Kit and the Axle U-Bolt Kit. We mistakenly thought we needed 2 sets of hangers and 2 sets of U-bolts – we do – but each box comes with 2. What can I say? We were excited.

This is actually good news!

Recalculated expenses:

  • Original Princess Auto total $739.01
  • 1 Hanger Kit – $29.99
  • 1 Axle U-Bolt Kit – $24.99
  • $684.03 – taxes

How do I reverse calculate taxes for this situation? I don’t know…but here’s the breakdown.

  • Princess Auto mechanical/safety components $670.00
  • Varsteel steel material $1024.80
  • Trailer Plans $14.99
  • 3/4″ Cull Plywood Decking – 3 pcs $111.00
  • labour $0.00
  • TOTAL $1820.70        about $60.00 cheaper than my original post 

My little mistake, which seems super embarrassing when I think it’s on the internet for everyone and especially people who’s opinion I value to see…, was an honest mistake anybody could have made. We bought too much!

I might just have to do another trailer build….

Stay awesome,


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