Iverson Skate Helper

Pictoral drawing of the Iverson Skate Helper

Help them learn to skate and be part of the fun!

Iverson Skate Helper - kids

Keith Iverson is a Millwright by trade but a creative by personality. I’ve heard him described as one of those people who ‘would give you the shirt off their back’ and I haven’t yet heard it better applied to anyone. This skate helper project speaks to his devotion to making everything as fun as possible for everyone around him; especially his family!

When his daughters want to be included in the families’ outdoor bonfire/skating parties and both parents want to visit with and play too; Keith puts his creativity to work. And although he doesn’t see it as creativity – just his way of making things easier for everyone – the kids have loved using these skate helpers at each gathering.

So in their spirit of abundance, I am super excited he’s let me share, for free, his Skate Helper plans for you to replicate his design. Don’t worry. You do NOT have to wax them. The steel slides perfectly on ice because the smooth round bar means that only a thin portion of the steel rebar is in contact with the ice – Just like skates!

Iverson Skate Helper - Ella

Help the little ones ice skate and be part of the fun with these FREE welding plans.

Pictoral drawing of the Iverson Skate Helper
Iverson Skate Helper

They are solid, stable and just the right size for kids. The super safety conscious parents may want to cover the 3 top pieces with a pool noodle just to give some padding. These plans are a use at your own risk.

Materials needed:

10′ of 1/2″ round bar, welder, welding helmet

angle grinder, zip cut + grinding disc

Always protect yourself, all ways.

Safety gear: Boots, Safety glasses, Gloves, Earplugs, etc.

Step 1 – Print the picture with dimensions from below. Cut material and bend both bottom ‘skis’.

Pictoral Drawing of the Iverson Skate Helper - Step 2
Iverson Skate Helper – Step 2

Step 2 – Lay the pieces for one side on a flat level surface and tack the 4 interior corners. Repeat for the second side.

Pictoral drawing of the Iverson Skate Helper - Step 3
Iverson Skate Helper – Step 3

Step 3 – Stand both legs up and attach by tacking the two top ends of the front crosspiece. With gentle even pressure, tweak the legs outward to about 5 degrees. Tack the bottom of both joints to hold in place.

Print this picture!

Print this Picture! Drawi
Iverson Skate Helper -Plans to Print

Step 4 – Go over the whole skate helper and add more weld at each joint. Clean up any spatter, excess weld or sharp edges. Paint your skate helper to prevent rusting.

Thank you SO much to the Iverson family. They are so welcoming to everyone and really believe in inclusive fun. I am incredibly lucky to have their hospitality and friendship extended to me and my family! And now YOU have experienced their generosity too!

Stay Awesome,


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