Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Build – Day 13

Day 13 of my Tilt Trailer Build I attach and weld out the tongue. This is the mechanism that makes this trailer able to tilt. I need to be present and not absentmindedly weld this solid.

A long day today. A few hours. I took extra time squaring the tongue to the frame. By making sure the pipe ‘sleeves’ are in the same place on either side, the tongue will be square to the frame. Although the pipe inside the sleeves has a bit of clearance to rotate freely inside, that clearance is the same inside both sleeves and thus the trailer will pull squarely.

…that’s the idea anyway.

I tacked my sleeves into place and then pushed the triangle tongue component firmly up and back into place with the floor jacks. From there I could measure back from the reach of the tongue to the frame and make sure of square.

Where the 4 sleeves attach to the trailer, there are some rare and lovely true flat welds. It ALSO means there are usually some not so rare and not so lovely true overhead welds on the opposite side. Is it strange I felt disappointed when I crawled underneath to have a look at where these overheads would be??

I wanted the challenge and there weren’t any!

everyone remembers these basic positions, right?

Weld Positions
Fundamentals of Professional Welding – Weld Positions

I love these little moments of realizing someone took the time to design something well. When little details are thought through. These are the moments tradesmen and engineers dream of! Someone noticed the engineers’ foresight. And the tradesmen feels a brief sense of gratitude for being thought of with consideration. Awe. Maybe we CAN get along…

Painting started
Painting started on the Tilt Trailer. Good thing the dog is already black.

Thinking about the next step of axle modification. Am I putting it off?? Justifying the procrastination by saying I need to get going on the painting?

Painting IS something I can do while my 1 year old naps right above the garage. I’m eating this elephant of a project one bite at a time. Nap time = paint time for the next little while. Good thing the dog is already black.

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