Saw Blade Table

Saw Blade Table

FREE Welding plans for my Saw Blade Table after West Elm’s ‘Bone’ Side Table.

Saw Blade Table - Free step by step welding plans.

Mechanics love to collect things. Bolts, fittings and anything else they ‘may just need one day’. When a mechanic lets you look through their treasures and even lets you pick out a few things to have, it’s pretty great. Thank you Pete.

I didn’t know what I wanted a saw blade for at the time, I just knew it was awesome and I had to have it!

Saw Blade Table FREE Plans

Saw Blade Table overall dimensions

A Saw Blade is the perfect reclaimed top to these easy, modern table legs.

Material List:

  • 10′ of 1″ x 1/4″ FB – Flat Bar
  • 19″ Diameter saw blade

Cut List:

  • 4 pieces @ 24″
  • 2 pieces @ 6 7/8″
  • 1 piece @ 14″


Step 1 – ‘L’ shape legs. Lay one 2′ piece and one 6 7/8″ piece on a flat level surface and tack. Temporarily brace to keep the two pieces square. Make 2.

Pictoral drawing of 'L' shape legs and bracing.
Bracing of ‘L’ shape legs.
TIP: The 3, 4, 5 dimensions in the drawing illustrate a technique for measuring and ensuring square. Any multiple of each number works, for example 15, 20, 25 or 30, 40, 50 etc. – whichever is dimensionally reasonable for the project.

Step 2 – For the ‘U’ shaped leg, layout pieces on a flat level surface. Tack the inside corners and use a brace at the top to hold square.

Drawing showing 'U' shaped leg and temporary bracing.
Temporary Bracing on ‘U’ shaped leg.

Step 3 – Check for square by measuring diagonally from outside corner to outside corner. The actual number is not important, just as long as the two are the same.

picture of measuring diagonally to square 'U' shaped legs.
Checking for square.

Step 4 – Run a grinding disc down the 2 seams to create a little chamfer for the weld material to sit down and fuse into.

Picture showing grinder chamfer at weld site.
Chamfer along weld seam.

Step 5 – Using welders magnets to help hold everything in place, tack the ‘L’ shape legs to the ‘U’ shape leg one at a time.

Pictoral drawing of table legs being attached together.
Attaching legs together.

Step 6 – Divide the saw blade into 4. Using a grinder, remove any rust at the weld sites and tack the legs to the saw blade.

Pictoral drawing of dividing a circle into quarters.
Dividing the circle into quarters.
TIP: Before welding the legs to the blade, consider applying some preheat. A saw blade is a wear tool and typically has a higher carbon content (than mild steel) This just helps to give that high carbon make-up time to solidify in a more desirable state and prevent a possible break at the weld.

Step 7 – A good, clean 1″ weld at the top of each leg is enough to support this table. Go ahead and weld all around if you’d like, just remember to alternate weld sites as you go.

Picture showing weld placement attaching legs underside of table .
Weld placement and sequence underneath table.

Step 8 – Remove any spatter and clean up any edges. Paint and/ or seal all surfaces.

Saw Blade Table

Let me know if you make this table! I would love to see them and brag them!

Stay awesome,


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