Fence Bracket

Working on a Fence Bracket this morning.

I have been working on getting the pieces for this Fence Bracket cut and drilled ready for welding in what little spare time I have. My parents are in town visiting and have taken my son to the pool… Right away my brain goes,

I could weld!!

This project is a trade for a friend who has been mentoring me with a new (to me) 3D modelling program. We are working with the Autodesk group of programs.

I’m pretty terrible at it right now but I’m stoked to share much better, printable, plans with you all!!

He is a great teacher. One of our sessions we drew this fence bracket he needs. It will hold a fence post on top of an old cement retaining wall.

2D plans from a 3D modelling program for the Fence Bracket project.

How do we add value to each others lives? I truly think it’s by trading value. This project is completely in line with that sharing value mindset I want for my blog.

Squaring and attaching the leg pieces to the Fence Bracket

I plug welded the studs into drilled thru holes with a 1/8″ space for the plug weld to sit down into. This leaves no weld visible on the top and a flush surface on the underside.

Fence Bracket showing the outside leg weld and the grove joint preparation.

The legs have 4 weld sections each. 2 groove welds outside and 2 fillet welds inside.

My Miller Maxstar 200 on a 220 outlet + 30 Amp house breaker has a short ‘duty cycle’ which I am okay with. It forces me to do shorter 3″-ish long welds and clean each weld as I go – not a bad habit to get into.

Fence Bracket - finished.

Here is the Fence Bracket finished, cleaned up and ready to drop off.

Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. How can I help YOU?

What do YOU want plans for? What are your questions? Leave an honest comment, I truly would love to hear from you!

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