Why Artists make Awesome Welders

But first, Where is this coming from?? I just got inspired by Tiffany. She is an artist starting welding school. I mean tattoed welding gloves!? Rad.

Here’s why I think artists make awesome welders. So many reasons!

As an artist myself, I can’t wait to read her journey and remember all the things I’ve forgotten about my own journey. I can’t wait to collaborate. I can’t wait to help!

Artist, this is why you’re going make a great welder…

#1 – Because Artists feel a need, a compulsion- craving even – to try new things.

#2– You are already in tune with using your hands to manipulate material towards a goal or a vision you can see in your mind. What most people call ‘hand/eye coordination’.

Immediately followed by…

#3 – The ability to improvise what’s happening in front of you and work with it to make something even better than imagined.

#4 – Artists are used to putting their work ‘out there’ and having their peers critique it objectively.

#5 – Artists are used to maybe not knowing where their next paycheque is coming from. Contracting can certainly be this way.

#6– Even when there’s a large crew, Welder’s spend a lot of time behind a mask essentially working alone. Collaborative artistic projects still require individuals to do their part independently.

#7 – Long, sometimes strange, hours.

#8 – Artists are incredible self-promoters. You already know you are good at what you go but you ALSO know how to keep good contact relationships.

#9 – You know that your tools are personal and sacred.

#10 – Artists have the ability to focus on their work, be proud of it and then let it go into the world.

Artists make great welders because artistic ability IS a trade!


Can’t believe I missed this one.

#11 – From my post Weld what you wish existed … The eye opening wonder and excitement you feel when you realize that there are massive steel canvases EVERYWHERE! AND you always have a soapstone in your pocket! To a creative person that is bliss. To know that at any moment you can just draw something out or write down an idea so you don’t lose it, feels like safety and support – with literally huge potential.

Welding Fibremetal Helmet

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