Weld what you wish existed.

Another amazing point I forgot in my post on why artists make great welders is the eye opening wonder and excitement you feel when you realize that there are massive steel canvases EVERYWHERE

AND you always have a soapstone in your pocket!

To a creative person that is bliss. To know that at any moment you can just draw something out or write down an idea so you don’t lose it, feels like safety and support – with literally huge potential.

That IS my stinger in the picture. I was running some 7018 verticals, and somehow got this little thought, flipped up my helmet and found the closest ‘canvas.’

Can I trace the thread of my thoughts?

I think I was going over a Facebook post that’s stuck with me the last 48 hours about a female welder being fired for telling her employer she is pregnant.

I can’t believe it either.

Sadly, I actually mean ‘I can believe it.’ And I know it happens.

But that initial anger/outrage after reading her story has subsided and I remembered I was moved by the incredible support she was getting from the women welders she was reaching out to.

That courage is, to me, incredibly interesting and all of a sudden I was washed over with pride. I am proud of her. I struggle with equality also and I know other women do too. I am so proud of myself and everyone who show up every fucking day anyways.

That brings me to tears as I write. That kind of strength blows me away.

I don’t mean keep going to a job that discriminates against you or to stay and just ‘suck it up’ if you are in any way in danger of harm. I mean we are all deserving of a fair chance to work for what we want.

Subbing in that first word makes it so personal for me. That word includes creating the lifestyle I want. Challenging myself gaining skills + knowledge. Being able to take care of and contribute to my family. Adding my voice to make industry more inclusive, etc. And welding is just a way for me to do all that.

So, to me, this statement means keep showing up and however welding is a part of your story, let’s weld to whatever we wish existed. I hope this is resonating personally with you.

  • More money.
  • More courage.
  • More inclusivity.

I’ve created 3 quick versions with no watermarks. Please take them and repost.

Kick some ass today!

And most of the time that just means consistently showing up.


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