Pumpkin Letters

A Scrap Metal Project

Friends and family who read this will know that Halloween isn’t just my but our favourite ‘holiday’. Maybe because so many of us are Fall birthdays it’s just our season, I don’t know. So, of course this is where I like to use my welding skills to celebrate.

Pumpkin Letters are a great way to use up scrap metal and make some really unique decor.

Spell out something cute, creepy or cheeky and instantly create visual interest by varying a group of pumpkins.

I know, most welders are super worried about their front porch Fall pumpkin vignettes.

But here’s the thing,

Someone you know would love these!

Sometimes incredibly talented people don’t realize how amazing something so simple like this idea is to non welders.

“That’s not me. Welding sounds cool but I just don’t know where to start.”

The flip side is a super beginner welder who doesn’t know what project to even start with and is intimidated by taking on a massive potentially expensive project.

I see you. I get that.

These are a quick confidence builder!

Some welding and fab shops may let you take scraps for free or at a very discounted price.

These do not have to be perfect. The dimensions are guidelines only because, well, they actually look better a little rough. I love this kind of project that does NOT have to be square or level!!

Sometimes your creative soul just needs shit to not be perfect!

Throw a word or two together. they are quick, make great gifts, and YOU get to enjoy a cleaner shop with less waste to haul away!

Pumpkin Letters Dimensions

1” thick (or deep) letters are not only a nice consistent measurement but also give great dimension from any angle as thick and thin play like a font with perspective and shading.

The spikes are recycled nails. Check your fire pit or the back of the shed, there’s always a couple around.

Happy Haunting,


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