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Stoked today to offer a FREE Printable! My weld settings printable is for everyone, newbie welders, vintage welders and even a support tool for instructors.


It’s a great day. You are in flow state. Your settings are great and welding is easy. Take one of my best tools, a practice I use, write down your weld settings and get into flow state faster tomorrow.

When I asked my co-workers and posted this in my various welding groups,

Most people said #3. They set their machines by feel – And I totally agree – Every machine is different and every day I may be different, so what feels good and works each day may also be different.

But, we all need a little support now and then and who better to give it to you than yourself?

Record on great weld days to come back to on shit days and get back into flow quickly!

My first welding job was all aluminum and I remember writing down all my weld settings because almost all my first year practical schooling, other than learning to watch my weld puddle, was irrelevant. I had to set by feel.

I had to write my settings down each day to start back up again the next day.

When, in an interview with this years’ apprentice, Ashley shared that she wrote down settings at school and called the result her ‘little bible’, it reminded me I still do that! Everyone can use this.

These notes become so personal and exactly what you need to support yourself on the days when nothing seems to be working.

We all have those days. It’s not running well. You mess with the machine. Still not right. You adjust settings again. Actually mess up a weld or burn a tip. Fix all that, tweak settings again and it’s still not right!

What now?

This is not a ‘how to’ book with settings included. This is Yours. Personal to you.

Go back to your own notes. Your own machine specific, process specific, job specific notes and get back into that flow state quickly.

I wanted it small to fit in a pocket or in a toolbox and this folding method you might remember from childhood, is perfect. Chances are your shop/school/house has a printer and I’ve kept it very simple to not waste ink.

Fold and cut the printable:

This tutorial illustration is clear and gorgeously simple. Thank you Kevin White for your beautiful artwork! (Honestly this guys work is unbelievable)

Get my free printable below

What the Weld Settings Printable looks like when printed.

I’d love to see your weld settings printable in use!

Send me a brag picture if you start one up.

Stay Awesome,


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