Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Wrap Up

tilt trailer B&W snowy sunny day

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer – The project is finished – Here’s the wrap up.

Tilt Trailer Build Wrap Up header picture

This sled trailer project has been awesome. And not because it’s a beautiful tilt trailer.

A big project has been my therapy and helped me keep it together while learning to be a new mom.

Who knew?

Where did the idea to document a trailer even come from? What was I even thinking?

tilt trailer B&W snowy sunny day

I’ve always known a desk job is not for me. I need more movement to keep my mind clear. So when being pregnant changed what I was able to do as a welder in the shop, those couple months in a different role at a desk was tough to say the least.

When I think back to sitting at work in that office, feeling the quiet panic of an approaching due date, I was repeating “maternity leave” in my head, like I was trying it on “what am I going to do with a whole year off on maternity leave?”


Close up of weld on jack mount for Tilt Trailer

I am lucky and thankful I have worked hard to be in a position where taking a year off work was an option for our family. For many, I know, it’s just not.

But I was scared. Who was I without my welding identity? Who was this new ‘mom’ part of me? How could I still be both?

A trailer project turned out to be the contrast I needed. I highly recommend taking on projects before you are ready. As I was learning this new part of me, staying connected to this old part felt good! Challenges really are how we grow and learn.

But, as a tilt trailer It’s actually a little disappointing to be honest.

Let me be clear,

Snowmobile tilt Trailer plan highlights

I DO recommend the trailer plans from (Good name, right?) The price is right and they have so many designs to work from that the time and energy saved in having a clear plan more than covers their cost.

I live in central BC, Canada and even though these guys are based in Texas, 3 sheets of engineer size prints arrived at my door, really quickly in a shipping tube. (I later folded them.) It was easy working from these large step by step prints.

…the tilt trailer is hard to tilt.

There it is.

Apparently this is a common problem with tilt trailers. Both sleds have to ride up at exactly the same time to tip the balance point and pivot the trailer deck back down.

How the *eff do you do that with a 1 year old?

Underside of Snowmobile Tilt Trailer

BUT as a regular flat deck trailer, it has been functional and exactly what we need!

Attaining my lofty goal of a perfectly executed and engagingly documented project didn’t happen.

And that’s ok.

The best part of the build was learning to write (and manage) a blog. Just paying attention to my thoughts while I work and try to sift out a spark that someone might connect with.

Really letting go of my expectations about how I think it should go so I could learn all these other things.

I wanted to work through a useful project, share honestly, learn, and get back into some fabricating and welding.

The motivation to do this project – while hormone influenced – I fully admit- stayed consistent and the essential goals stayed the same.

Tilt Trailer SMAW 7018, 3/32

Takeaways from the Tilt Trailer project:

  • Perfection is overrated
  • Welds are very hard to take nice pictures of. Reference points get lost close up.
  • That even if my family can’t understand why I have to go build something, I have to take time for the things that light me up.
  • I am hard on myself but ballsy enough to put my work ‘out there’
  • Being a new mom is HARD
  • I need a better stinger
  • Ordering material is a weakness another opportunity of mine.
  • That collaborating with amazing people is much more interesting than staying in my own fish bowl mind.
  • I learned to switch roles quickly – welder to mom – which made me feel like I had always just stepped off a stage doing a costume change.
Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Axle photo

Some mom guilt here was real. Having my son looked after, some of that formal daycare, while I did something for me, then feeling I had to show up like all the other moms, clean and well put together to pick him up.

What the hell is that??

I promise you I have no intention of thinking who I am as separate parts anymore. Just like I am not only ‘Evans mom’, I am not only a welder. All the aspects of me can coincide.Even, and especially if i don’t easily fit an archetype and ‘look’ like a welder at all times. I know it will continue to come up for me, but I do not have to choose between them.

When I show up at daycare in carharrts and a dirty respirator outline around my mouth, I want my son to see I’m stoked to share my energy with him because I’ve just spent the afternoon recharging my own spark.

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Tail Lights

What I didn’t expect to find:

That there is something here. Something I am stumbling to put into words. I’m hearing this whisper of an idea that won’t go away. Connecting my passion with doing good.

The idea of ‘Good companies doing good.’ Monica Meldrum talks about this in a podcast with Kerwin Rae. Check it out! His interviews are so inspiring and i love listening while I’m welding.

I don’t know how or what this will look like, but I have a message that is going to come out. It’s going to help me with what’s next and it’s going to help others. It’s what this blog is about. I have to keep chasing these little embers of ideas. There is a source and that fire is me I just have to connect the sparks to figure out how to let this message out in a positive, helpful way.

I’m starting to understand that inspiration inspires inspiration. It’s like a wave that grows and turns into a juggernaut force.

Inspiration inspires inspiration.

Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Tracks and Tail Light image

Start to finish the Snowmobile Tilt Trailer took about 2 years.

That’s doesn’t sound too good does it?

No, not the Fabricating and welding, that was a couple months. The writing, taking pictures, learning website creation, and catching up posting

…Oh yeah, and nurturing a tiny human while keeping my relationship with his dad together…

2 years. Pretty good I’d say!

Stay awesome,


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  1. Lisa,
    I have been searching all day for ideas, math formulas and real-life experience to guide me in my mission to restore my father-in-law’s snowmobile tilt trailer-turned-ATV/utility trailer, and I was just about at my wits end, when I stumbled on your blog. I hope your significant other knows how lucky they are to have you in their life. I’m happily married but was smitten by your humor, smile and skill, and your writing has me haphazardly, non-chronologically reading your trailer posts…..holy cow, you restore old trucks too?!?!?!?! You are simply awesome. I’m a retired Soldier and have two years left, before I lose my GI Bill benefits. I’ve been kicking around ideas on what to do with it, but I think welding school is the way to go, because, and I’m not hitting on you by saying this, you sure do have some pretty welds! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

    Take care,


    1. Wow thanks Fredrick for your kind words! I think welding school is a great idea, obviously. Even if you don’t end up working as a welder, it’s a great skill to have. I wish you luck!

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