X Table Legs

X Table Legs - Preview picture

Maximum impact without maximum complication. 1 size of material. 4 pieces. 4 angles. Square them all up. That’s it. These X Table Legs look really complicated but that’s just great design.

Scroll down to download the FREE printable plans!

X furniture is everywhere and we love it. Farmhouse or modern, it fits any style. These legs are great for a console table as well as a dining table. Add a turnbuckle connecting the two legs just at the cross of the ‘X’ and really amp up the industrial feel.

X Table Legs - console with live edge top

Each leg is 28 1/2″ tall – A dining height table is usually 30″ to the top surface – so these legs will accommodate a top made with dimensional lumber 1 1/2″ thick.

X Table Leg - rendered drawing
Each leg stands 28 1/2″ tall.

Super excited to share this post today because, although this is not a complicated project, it marks the start of FREE Printable Drawings I envisioned posting when I started this blog. I can draw step by step and explain as best I can each step of a build – BUT what I really want is easy, printable construction drawings that you can download, print, and take into the shop with you! (I also don’t want them to use up all your ink with pages and pages of each step.)

Drawings like these are what I want. I like working from, and being challenged by drawings at work. They are what I want at home to keep the vision of a project clear. They are what I want when working with my apprentice.

X Table Legs - close up console

The way to get better at reading drawings and for me to get good at drawing them is to USE them. Drawings help me to refine the design and construction – I promise to get better from here.

Use as a narrow console table or as a wider dining table.

X Table Legs - Dining Table

Click the black and blue Download button below for the 8.5″ x 11″ printable X Table Legs plans!

This is exactly how the plans will look.

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Untitled X Table Legs - pair

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