Ashley’s Goat Hay Feeder

FREE Downloadable Welding Plans

Ashley's Goat Hay Feeder - Pinable Graphic

Yes! You read that right.

FREE Welding Plans for A Goat Hay Feeder!

The second set of FREE printable welding plans I offer for Ashley’s Goat Hay Feeder. A feeder stand capable of holding 2, 60 LB hay bales scaled specifically for goats.

Last fall I interviewed one of the students my work takes on in the summer. A student I really clicked with.

‘Interview’ sounds so formal

We got to sit down and talk about more than just welder settings and what to do next.

Chatting about the deeper, ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’, we talked about the work connections and drive that I’m personally finding so interesting.

This interview and time working with Ash has really sparked something in me. It’s been the beginning of a much bigger idea. One that involves more mentoring.

Read the full inspiring interview HERE.

Our conversation naturally went to projects she’s worked on. This was one she completed during her first year of welding school.

I went out on a limb; I asked if she would share her plans. When she agreed I knew I had to honour that trust and come up with some great drawings!

To stay as true to her original plans as I possibly could, I even included her original notes for clarity.

Ashley’s original design drawings.

Scroll down for FREE Welding Plans. Download, print and take with you to price out material and then into the shop when you’re ready to build.

I want to share exactly what I want when I have time in the shop. A busy trades – mom needs a plan to start from to get right into my groove. I hope you can too.

This is exactly what will print on 8.5” x 11” standard letter size paper.

Ashley’s Goat Hay Feeder Welding Plans

Page 1
Page 2

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see different (larger) sizes.

Also, comment if you would like printable step by step instructions.

You may make and sell items made from these plans as long as you credit design to and this original post.

Don’t forget to share your projects! I’d love to see them!

Stay Awesome,

Lisa (and Ashley)

FREE Downloadable Welding Plans for Ashley’s Goat Hay Feeder.

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