International Rat Rod Build

Green international rescue tow

I have to back up and post the plan for our current vehicle build: The International Rat Rod Build.

The original International Rat Rod Build plan was straight forward. And we all know things hardly EVER go as planned.

Mike painted this romantic image of us restoring both trucks as a ‘his and hers’ project. 2 Rat Rods. One for each of us. Customized to how we both would use a truck and what we would want to drive. I should have known something was up as he was, obviously, going to be the first build.

Dang, does Mike know how to persuade me or what?

Green International rescue

We rescued our Green International KB3 pickup truck from a field in Merritt BC.

But we actually picked up 2 trucks that day. Excitement for the green truck, in much better shape and more complete than the red truck took over. By the second trip, we just got to work and didn’t take any pictures. Sorry. I don’t even have any pictures of the twin Red truck.

Towing the Green International out of the field

Maybe ‘rescue’ is a harsh word. It’s not like they were animals being treated badly, they were just free-ranging in a field. I think vehicles sometimes fall into that neglect even with owners who like them. Is ‘acquired’ a better word? Anyway, both trucks came home with us and we knew we could do something with them.

We borrowed a friend’s car trailer and did a full day of driving making 2, 9 hour round trips from Merritt to Williams Lake, BC.

2 KB3 International trucks were adopted that day.

There was ALSO a ‘red’ International KB3. ‘Red’ is in brackets because it was hand-painted with a brush. After looking them both over we now know both trucks were originally green.

Read about our 48′ International KB3 resto-mod here.

Between the two trucks we saw there were enough parts to make one truck complete – ie: all the chrome bits for the front grille – We HAD TO restore one. So we did.

The resulting leftover parts after restoring the green truck were:

  • an original 1948 chassy
  • 1948 KB3 body – cab, box, hood, and front fenders, running boards. No rear fenders
  • a flathead 6 engine
  • 2 transmissions

Here’s the (new) plan for the International Rat Rod Build:

  • S10 frame
  • International body parts
  • Chevy 350 small block engine
  • modified box
  • repositioned and disguised fuel tank
  • … plus too many ideas and problems to solve to list here…

This is a Rat Rod build so we will be piecing together and making as much as we can – within reason. It still has to be safe.

The most expensive part?

Whitewall tires on sweet steel rims. Skinny front tires and tall, wide back tires. Fuck yes!

It’s been called ‘the vanilla ice cream of Rat Rod Builds’ as in bland, easy and predictable *shrug* I’m cool with our second build being ‘vanilla’ because it’s a solid choice and better than the no Rat Rod build most people do.

Stay Awesome,


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