Lisa Harvey Portrait Chasing Embers About Page

Photo Credit: Laureen Carruthers 

Artist. Red Seal Welder. Fabricator. Mom. Blogger.

I’ve been told more times than I can count “you don’t look like a welder”. What a welder is ‘supposed’ to look like, I’m not too sure but I am a Journeyman Welder from British Columbia, Canada.

Whats my story? Why welding?

Frankly, it was the most bad-ass thing I could think of. After a four year Visual Fine Arts Degree I still needed a job, never mind a career.

Cut with fire? Attach with molten material? Who doesn’t want to do that?

Theres something dangerous and a little thrilling about it. I felt incredible empowerment the first few times I actually stuck metal together. I needed more!

Thankfully, I have worked hard, my skill has improved since then and I am now a Journeyman Welder. I never want to lose that drive to improve. “A tradesman who thinks they know everything is a fool.” – I agree.

Also, I had an ex-boyfriend tell me welding would be “too hard” and I am WAY too stubborn to be told I CAN’T do something. I used that “I’ll show you” motivation until I learned to be motivated by something else – the desire to find confidence within myself and the want to get really good at something.

Already 10 years into my welding career (how the hell did THAT happen?) I have worked for an aluminum fuel tank manufacturer. Contracted in various locations Ironworking. Then Forestry and Mining contracts before making the jump to Mining employee.

Most recently becoming a mom means I am facing a massive career decision.

I can not continue in this field with all its traditional limitations. Long hours away from home. I am being forced to get creative and find a new niche. Fortunately I am a very creative person.

Starting this blog is bringing back ALL those same feelings I had on my first day of my C Level Welding course. Now my past self is inspiring me. I not only made it through that first day despite being scared shitless and found something that fulfilled me creatively AND allowed me to live the lifestyle I want.

“Feel the fear but do it anyways!”

I know the “I cant’s” and “It’s too hards” I feel are just my fears trying to hold me back again. But, for me, the risk of NOT finding out what is possible is just too great.

I want to empower and inspire anyone to give welding a try. Like anything new, it may be a little intimidating, but join me anyways and lets figure it all out.