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Inspiration for myself to inspire others. My shop offers inspiration to wear.

Welcome to the Shop!

Hey, I’m Lisa. A Journeyman Welder and mom trying to evolve a career I love with a little grace and tonnes of passion. Chasing Embers is me following those little sparks of ideas.

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Why shirts?

Easy. Because it’s what I want to wear. I spend a lot of time staring at a bright arc and need things to think about not just “hold the sides” and I have been thinking of these for a while. Time to get them out there and share!!

My mindset is different if I wear, say, cute underwear or a bad ass 100% -proceeds-to-cancer-research t-shirt, even though it’s under coveralls and nobody can see it – I know it’s there.

Shop - GMAW, Gin & Green

And it feels amazing to wear something bad-ass.

We are in control of how we feel and an easy way to influence that is through mindset. So let’s take that one step further and start to intentionally direct our energy.

I inspire confidence and creativity with this blog and I want to bring a physical reminder of that spark into your world. I know that wearing a t-shirt that not only makes you smile but supports other new welders can shape your mindset and connect you even more to your work. The ripple out effect is incredible.

Shop - Tungsten, Tea & Tattoos - front

A portion of proceeds from all shirts will go to supporting new welders in my portfolio based apprenticeship model – which means, material costs to start a build.
A genuine way to gain Welding/Fabricating hours, build killer content showing core values, or create exciting fundraisers and involve… basically anyone willing to give in order to get.

Read all about Project WEST by clicking HERE.

It’s difficult to pick my favourite because these are ALL just versions of me and I like the practice of using each shirt to help me get into the feeling I want to work from. Do I need to just grind out some hard work? (pun totally intended) Do I need a little sass to get through? Or do I need to calm it down and focus?

No day is the same. I’m not even the same every day. I will definitely be getting one of each for myself!


Long Sleeve Shirts

Helmet and Gloves

I inspire confidence and creativity through this blog and KNOW there is something here for you. I’ll share my plans. I’ll share my story. And I’ll share some innovative ideas from the unique female welder perspective.

Grabbing a shirt for yourself is another real way you can support the evolution of women in industry.

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You are already supporting women in industry just by visiting me here at Chasing Embers. Thank you.

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