Welded Scrap Metal Animals 4H Gift

4H Found Object Welded Gift

Welded Scrap Metal Animals - Turkey

Welded Scrap Metal Animals - Sheep

Welded Scrap Metal Animals – Turkey and Sheep

Welded Scrap Metal Animals – What a great project this was!

When you’r a mom and you take your son (or kids) to the various pre-Kindergarten/ Early Childhood Development programs …you get to chatting. This is NOT an area of social skills I excel at. Usually I’m uninterested in making small talk. But you can’t avoid it. The only way to get better at it- to the point where I actually enjoy it – practice.

These Welded Scrap Metal Animals were for an amazing mom friend of mine I met at one of these programs. She knew I am a Welder and was brave enough to ask if I would be interested in a little project. YES!

She wanted a really awesome way to say “Good Job. I’m proud of you!” to her kids on completing their 4H Projects this year! I feel it is SO important to encourage these projects. The benefits of knowing where their food comes from, learning responsibility and compassion are just the start.

I have an extensive scrap metal collection, so being approached with an inspiring idea like this to spend some time digging through my collected treasures is amazing. I get to let my creativity guide the potential I ‘see’ in any scrap piece I come across.

My friend really liked the spring details on the sheep ‘fleece’ but my favourite happy accident was the one link of chain left on the Turkeys’ hook neck and head – it wobbled and moved just like their crazy waddles actually would!

Congratulations you guys! Great Job.

Stay Awesome,


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